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Welcome to my world of dynamic digital content creation and entrepreneurship! As an accomplished Twitch Partner and eSports organizer from Newfoundland, Canada, I have passionately immersed myself in the gaming community, curating engaging eSports events and cultivating a loyal global following.

With a profound passion for technology and a flair for entrepreneurial pursuits, I have honed my strategic and operational skills through ventures like AVC Food Shack, staying in tune with customer needs and fostering growth.

I'm now embarking on an exciting journey into full-stack development, leveraging my technical skills to the fullest. Whether it's streaming captivating content as a Twitch Partner, orchestrating compelling eSports events, remotely managing a thriving restaurant, or diving into the realm of full-stack development, my unwavering commitment lies in pushing boundaries and achieving excellence.

I'm eagerly seeking new opportunities to create value and make a lasting impact in the digital and business world. Connect with me on LinkedIn to explore potential collaborations and thrilling ventures.

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Skills & Expertise

eSports Organizer

Seasoned in organizing eSports events and tournaments, with a particular expertise in Fortnite. Skilled in handling teams, sponsorships, and creating engaging content to drive participation and deliver exceptional experiences.

Content Creator

As a Twitch Partner, I provide a platform for promoting games to a dedicated and engaged audience. I strive to drive excitement, broaden the reach of games, and effectively target specific gaming communities, ultimately helping to drive sales and growth.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

As an entrepreneur, I have successfully managed ventures and navigated the challenges of startup culture. My ability to identify opportunities, implement strategic planning, and foster customer relationships drives growth and innovation in all my entrepreneurial pursuits.

Web Development

A budding Full-Stack Developer, specializing in providing customized web solutions for discord, twitch streamers, and organizations. Utilizing technologies like Node.js, Express, HTML, EJS, Javascript, and more to create highly functional and intuitive discord bots, websites, and webservers.

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